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July 27th, 2014

the tv stand and shelf from kmart are useless shit because so many pieces broke between them that all I can do is combine them into one halfassed unit that's too unstable to put the tv on and the wrong shape for books

the particleboard shoe rack shelf from kmart and dresser drawer units from kmart via the thrift store are useless because they're too heavy and clunky and ugly and also the drawers are broken on top and the shoe rack can't go on top of them because it will slide off to one side or the other and it would drop the tv.

and if i put the tv on top of just the drawers with no shelf space, then there's no room for the modem and router and wii.

the set top box that comcast forced me to get in order to acquire internet service at this address is useless shit because it fell off the shelf and the cable jack broke off the box and now it has not just zero value but massive NEGATIVE value because of what they will charge me when they find out it's broken.

my couch is useless shit because the last apartment place broke one leg on it and i tried to fix it but it broke again when i moved and my parents are going to expect me to have something for them to sit on that isn't camp chairs. and it's so low to the ground that they would complain ANYWAY.

the small wood folding table is useless shit because one of the boards on it broke a week after i got it and, although i could put the tv on it, that's way too low and my parents would call it "ghetto" or something if they get here and the tv is on it.

the plastic folding table i currently have in the kitchen is useless shit because it's so flimsy that it skids across the room when you bump it. I don't trust it enough to put the coffeepot on. The four cup coffeepot.

the brown chest of drawers is useless shit because the back of it is cardboard, which ripped away from the nails when i moved it, and so now there's nothing to hold the top and sides at right angles to each other and so i don't trust it enough to even put clothes in.

the laptop cart is useless shit because it's so unstable i'm not even bothering to put the computer on it anymore because it will fall off.

all of the lamps i have bought are useless shit, because of the three i have, one will not stand up because the pole won't screw on to the base (doesn't matter which way they are turned it won't catch), one is likewise at the other end with the lightbulb shade, and the other one has the same problem with the shade AND a lightbulb broke when i moved so now if i want to take it out to replace it i'll need to have a first aid kit handy for the ensuing lacerations.

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April 3rd, 2012

11:25 am - Sparklies
So I've been making stuff out of beads. Not so much in the last couple years, but before that I went through periods where I was beading like mad, eventually meaning to sell it on Etsy or at craft shows or whatever, but for one reason or another never really got started with that.

Here's a start, anyway. Earrings, $10/pair, made of glass and stone. Post here if you want them and we can figure out shipping and things.


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August 15th, 2010

05:08 pm - Random RPing stuff
In which my zombie warrior Moirania, whom I affectionately call "Asparagus" (see pictures), attempts to gross out people and, um. ...well, presented for your entertainment.

Filtered for undead smexy talk.

Screeny crop logs. Some nsfw text including brief erply bits.Collapse )

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July 3rd, 2010

11:47 am - More random dungeon silliness
In which we get grouped with a guy named Hillbilly who is under the influence of something.
Most of the gaps are where I was laughing too hard to hit the screencap button. Or fighting too etc.
(I'm Banastre, the tank.
looooooooooooooong-ass screenyCollapse )

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June 19th, 2010

02:46 pm - Messing around in the Silvermoon inns.
So, I was on my warrior Hergil, and decided to fuck with the Silvermoon inn which is, if you're unfamiliar with Horde, Goldshire lite. Anyway.

Hergil is not very bright at all. He's a former peon. Their vocabulary is pretty much "Work, work,", "Me busy. Leave me alone", and if you poke them enough, "Me not that kind of orc."

An elf named "Kissies" is RPing as a San'layn (Basically a vampire). She told Hergil this in a whisper. Hergil said out loud "What's a sanlayn?" at which point a hunter took offence and started shooting her. Kissies said "NO, he said I'm a salad elf!"

A while later, I thought to start screenying the chat.
long screencap is longCollapse )

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December 9th, 2009

03:47 pm - Pistachio lime cookies
Edited from "Great cookies" by Carole Walter, ISBN 0-609-60969-6, page 138-139.
clicky for recipeCollapse )

Also, what I am watching while making cookies.

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